Interview with GoodFellow Phiri

From the Cruise 5 interview in Malawi: “Goodfellow Tsirizani Phiri is a man in a peculiar enterprise, he collects and converts human urine to fertilizer. Phiri’s initiative has helped local farmers access affordable fertlizer. It is also paving the way for more environmentally friendly agriculture, which is both environmentally benign and enables continued farming. Human urine is high in phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, and trace elements that plants require. Phiri sells the liquid fertilizer in twenty-liter buckets but can also package it in bigger and smaller drums. Goodfellow Phiri has been collecting human urine from his Lilongwe urine-harvesting factory for nearly ten years. People pay to use one of his two urinals, which are located in Area 25’s Nsungwi Market. He collects about 20 liters of urine every day. While talking about the process, Phiri noted that what seems like a small quantity would “have to be diluted with water ten times, so it turns into 200 liters,” he said. Phiri keeps the urine for a week in airtight containers before processing it in tanks.”