Never Ending Food’s New Look

Some of you may have noticed that the Never Ending Food website has undergone a ‘re-design’.  This has been possible thanks to the endless support of the great people at Free Range Websites, a design consultancy agency based in Bristol, U.K.  They specialize in helping businesses and organizations in the creation of ‘living’ websites that are affordable, updateable, and have built-in ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO) that helps to boost your on-line visibility.

The people behind Free Range Websites are strong supporters of Permaculture and the belief that solutions do exist for the design of a sustainable future.  With a combined effort of modern Information Technology (IT), and practical common-sense applications, we can all help to build a global network of like-minded solution-oriented people.  If you have any website design needs, we would strongly encourage that you consider using an ethically-minded company such as Free Range Websites.