School Permaculture looking for support

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2013 January 21 update -It seemed to help to lift this up to the top for a bit, we have raised the funds!  Thanks to all that have contributed in the past few months, your money will be going to Blantrye WESM tomorrow and we’ll get updates on their trainings shortly.  I’ll send sponsors a more detailed e-mail.

I’m lifting this post back up to the top in hopes that it will catch your attention.   I really like what WESM BT’s School Club coordinator, Ausward Bonongwe  is doing.  With our help he can get out to more schools more often and give them the support and confidence they need to start up and improve their environments at school and at home. The picture shows a school in Karonga that I visited and promised to live up to the practices they teach in the curriculum – to compost instead of burn.   I live 8 hours away from this school and couldn’t follow up on their progress, but Ausward lives within 1 hour of all the schools he could support, if he had the means to get to all of them.

WESM Blantyre’s first goal is to collect about 600 USD for supporting 22 schools.

The Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi, Blantyre branch, would like to support schools in their area to learn about and implement Permaculture designs.  If this is something you are interested in supporting, please see: WESM School Permaculture Proposal 2012.10  You can either transfer funds directly to their account listed in the document, or, contribute by paypal and we’ll transfer it on your behalf.