World Environment Day Activities

Sharing the Knowledge!

Last weekend, Saturday June 09, Four Season’s Nursery in Lilongwe, Malawi hosted a World Environment Day fair for the public.  Organizations and individuals from a wide range of environmentally-minded themes were on hand to display products, commercial items, activities, crafts, and innovative technologies.   The day was very well attended with a steady stream of people passing through from the morning to the afternoon.


Once again, a great deal of credit needs to go to Afshan Omar (from ‘Green Camp’ fame), who put so much time, energy, and effort into getting the day organized.  Without her dedication the day never would have gotten off the ground.  She also organized displays of environmentally-friendly fashions, eco-educational crafts for kids, presentations by local school groups, and even a disco to top it all off.  Thank you so much Afshan for all you do to make the world a better place!

Junior, one of Malawi's certified Permaculturalists, discussing a sustainable future!

Never Ending Food supported the day’s activities by setting up our ‘food & resource’ display.  We had local youth from our community come along to answer people’s questions and give presentations regarding the use of Malawi’s local resources.  It was a great opportunity for these youth to gain confidence in their presentation skills and share some of the Permaculture activities that they have been involved with.  It was really a great day that we hope will turn into a annual event!  Thanks to all who were involved to make it both fun and educational!