A Visit from the US Ambassador to Malawi!

(Left to right: Stacia and Kristof Nordin, Robert and Anne Scott, Wisdom, and Peter Kaniye)

Never Ending Food was recently honored to host a visit from the United States Ambassador to the Republic of Malawi, Robert Scott, and his wife Anne.  The couple arrived  in August of this last year, along with their twin children, Jennifer and Nicholas, and have been using their weekends to travel around Malawi to help gain an understanding of Malawi’s people, culture, and development projects.

During their visit, the Scotts expressed a sincere interest in getting to know more about Malawi’s traditional food crops and what they could be growing and utilizing to improve their own family’s nutrition.  Due to the fact that we’ve been able to establish over 200 foods at Never Ending Food, we were able to use this opportunity to advocate for the promotion of crop diversity and to demonstrate how rich Malawi is in natural resources; resources which could be easily used to bring an end to things like food insecurity, malnutrition, and ‘hungry seasons.’

Checking out the ‘Zone 3’ area
Ambassador Scott and the Embassy driver, Wisdom, comparing a picture of Never Ending Food from 2003 to the present day.

We were also able to demonstrate a wide range of agroecological technologies, which could help Malawi to create a more economic, sustainable, and resilient future.  Some of these practices which were are able to showcase included: organic farming, composting toilets, rainwater harvesting, ecosystem restoration, local seed saving, sustainable architecture, renewable energies, solar drying, rammed-earth building, fish farming, mulching, agroforestry, and more.  We hope that many of these ideas will find their way into into the national discussion regarding Malawi’s development goals.  A big thank you to the Scotts for taking time out of their busy schedule to visit us, and we wish them all the best in their time here in Malawi!

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