Agriculture Extension Officers Complete Permaculture Training!


Kusamala has just completed a 2-week Permaculture Design Course (PDC) for 16 agriculture extension officers, representing 4 different districts.  Kristof Nordin, from Never Ending Food, facilitated the first week, and Luwayo Biswick, from Kusamala, facilitated the second week.  The participants went through the entire design process from observation to mapping to the creation of individual designs.  They learned about Permaculture ethics, principles, and design tools (such as guilds, zones, and sector influences).  Numerous learning techniques were used, including: large and small group work, hands-on practicals, audio/visual aids, field visits, homework assignments, competitions, and more.

These newly certified Permaculture Designers have created action plans and are ready to get out into the field to share these ideas within the communities in which they work.  With the early onset of the rains, they have a great opportunity to begin implementing as soon as they get home.  All the best to each and every participant and please try to link up with the numerous other people in each of your districts who are already practicing Permaculture!

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