Another Amazing ‘Green Camp’!

The Recycled 'Fashion Show'!

Four Seasons Nursery in Lilongwe, Malawi (an avid supporter and practitioner of Permaculture activities in Malawi), under the amazing facilitation of Afshan Omar, has just concluded another wonderful ‘Green Camp’ for kids.  This is the fourth successful completion of such a camp and offers children in the Lilongwe area the opportunity to learn about environmental issues through hands-on highly imaginative activities.  This camp’s

Urban Design--Sustainable City vs. Unsustainable

agenda included learning about the web of life, recycling, urban transformation, tree planting, the creation of ‘green space’, worm farming, wildlife, water management, soil health, and even a recycled/reused ‘fashion show’.  It is through the support of businesses like Four Seasons and the tireless efforts of people like Afshan that we can all start to make the world a better place…one kid at a time!  We are already looking forward to the next one, but we’ll let Afshan take a well-deserved rest first.  A big thanks to everybody who was involved.