Another Graduation!

Lyton and Isaac receiving their Certificates in Permaculture Design!

Never Ending Food has two more interns who were certified in Permaculture Design! Lyton Dimba and Isaac Frackson both completed their 72-hours of theory, classroom, and practical coursework. Today they presented their maps and designs to the rest of the Never Ending Food team and received their certificates.

Stacia and I have been out of the country for several months, but in our absence the Never Ending Food team kept things running smoothly. Our manager, Peter Kaniye, has continued to facilitate tours, conduct outreach, care for the plants and animals, and teach about Permaculture Design. It is a wonderful feeling to know that Permaculture has taken on a life of its own here in Malawi.

Trainings are now taking place throughout the country on an annual basis. Almost every district in Malawi has good demonstration sites, and there are several training centers which have been established. These trainings range from 1-5 day introduction courses, all they way up to 12-day design courses. It seems that Permaculture is here to stay!

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