Chisomo Kamchacha–One of Malawi’s Rising Permaculture Stars!

Chisomo Kamchacha

Chisomo Kamchacha

The Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology is currently seeking assistance in helping to fund one of Malawi’s rising Permaculture stars to attend a Food Justice and Advocacy training course in Nova Scotia.

They write: “Chisomo Kamchacha received a partial scholarship to attend a course at Coady International Institute located in Nova Scotia, Canada. The course – Creating Just Food Systems: Cultural Tools for Local-Global Activism will be held from May 13 – 30, 2014.  We are currently seeking $2,500  to help cover the additional costs. We are in conversations with other organizations, but have not received definitive commitments. If you, or a friend, or organization is interested in helping us, we would be most grateful.

“To those who don’t know Chisomo, he has a unique passion to work on food policy issues in Malawi and has demonstrated an ability to accept new challenges and tasks with a natural deep desire to acquire more knowledge and expertise. He has also become an emerging leader in national conversations on Agricultural Policy. This course would be an ideal way for him to strengthen his knowledge to help shape national policy. The course is described below:

“Food systems include the chain of activities and interactions from production to processing to distribution to consumption.  Women are central to the global food system – as small scale farmers, salaried workers in agribusiness, markets and restaurants – and they are also the key leaders in grass-roots initiatives to create a more equitable and sustainable food system. This course will focus on roles different groups play in promoting community resilience through food systems that address interrelated issues of poverty, health, environment, gender, and racial equality.  Using a participatory research and popular education approach, participants will share stories (and food) from their own diverse contexts; will learn about frameworks of food security, food justice, and food sovereignty; will map local, regional and transnational networks; and will explore artistic, cultural, and spiritual practices that build communities and local-global activism.”

Never Ending Food has worked closely with Kusamala and Chisomo for several years and would like to do everything we can to help support and promote the work that they are doing.  Chisomo has become one of Malawi’s leading advocates for sustainable design systems, having been involved with Africa’s 1st Food Security & Adaptation Conference, the United Nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, as well as international workshops on Seed Sovereignty.  On Kusamala’s Staff Page they write: “Chisomo has worked for 4 years in research and community training in environmental management with emphasis on climate change mitigation and adaptation. He has experience in reporting, data collection, analysis and presenting findings. He holds a Bsc. Permaculture and Community Development.”

It would be a shame to let such a great opportunity pass by for such a great representative of Malawi’s future!  If you are interested in assisting with helping to get Chisomo to Nova Scotia, you may make a donation through our PayPal tab by clicking here.

Thanks in advance from Never Ending Food!