Ecolodgy Permaculture Center

Ecolodgy Permaculture Center is located near Blantyre, Malawi. It is a working Permaculture site, which focuses on community outreach, social enterprise, and ecotourism. They run demonstrations, courses, and host a wide variety of events.

Currently, Ecolodgy is involved in a range of community outreach activities. These include helping to facilitate the design of kitchen gardens with communities who work on tea estates, the development of a community Permaculture school, and community agroforestry.

Ecolodgy also offers on-site accommodation and a farm-to-fork cafe. They even have a Permaculture playground for the kids! If you find yourself traveling in or near Blantyre, make sure that you give Ecolodgy a visit to check out all the great things taking place.

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