Genetic Engineering…Get Informed!

Many people in the world do not have enough knowledge concerning genetic engineering to make informed decisions regarding its use or non-use.  In America, many consumers do not realize that a large majority of the foods that they are already purchasing and eating contain genetically modified ingredients.  In Malawi, a large number of local farmers are not aware of the fact that in 1999 Monsanto, an American bio-engineering and chemical company, bought their National Seed Company and have now entered into partnership with a local agricultural college to begin tests on genetically engineered cotton seed.

In an attempt to help people understand some of these issues, we have posted a page on Permaculture and Genetic Engineering and we have also put up a link to an article that was written a few years ago entitled: A Permaculture Look at Genetic Engineering.  

We have found at Never Ending Food that the nations of the world have not even begun to scratch the surface of the earth’s natural ability to feed the expanding population.   Why should we be so quick to jump into potentially detrimental engineered approaches before we have fully explored natural systems that work to restore the health and balance of the planet’s ecosystems?  Hopefully we can all work to inform ourselves concerning the current unnecessary push toward Genetic Engineering, recognize the multitude of natural solutions that are already available to humanity, and then  begin to work together to get our leaders to understand that the only thing missing is the ‘political will’ to get these solutions implemented at national and local levels!