Kids Can Make A Difference (Nov 2011)

Check out the latest issue of the ‘Kids Can Make A Difference’ newsletter.  There is an article by Kristof that highlights the work of Howard, Hardwell, and Junior the three boys that recently received their certificates in Permaculture Design.

As a brief update to the boy’s efforts: Hardwell has now moved to a Secondary School where he is boarding and working with other students and some of the teachers to help spread the ideas of Permaculture.  He says that he has also established small gardens around the area where he is boarding to help himself and others receive food and cut their boarding costs.  Junior has moved out of his grandmother’s house and is now back with his parents.  Since his departure we have not heard much about his progress, but we are hoping that he is able to carry on the good work that he started while living in the model village.  And Howard conintues to implement new designs around his house near Never Ending Food.  He and his younger brother, Chikumbutso, have really been changing the area that they live and also bringing their friends by to give them tours.   The inspiration of these young Permaculturalists continue to provide the inspiration for Never Ending Food to push on in their efforts to reach out to people like them!