Locally Made Recycled Products (Aug 2011)

Recently our Permaculture Manager, Luwayo Biswick, has been taking ideas for recycled products and introducing them to people in and around his village.  Right now they are just beginning to experiment with these new ideas but already there have been some very creative and exciting things happening.

This picture shows two different styles of handbags made out of recycled plastic that has been knitted together.  The small bag has a recycled zipper-top that was taken from a worn out garment.  There is also a small bowl and a pair of children’s sandals, both of which are made from hand-made sisal string (a plant similar to agave) and corn husks.  The bags were made by Luwayo’s sisters and the bowl and shoes by Jacob Jumpha, a 15-year old boy that lives near Luwayo’s village.

It is just wonderful to see people being creative and starting to see that the very things that have been surrounding them are the same things that can be used as resources to meet their needs.  If these projects take off we will hopefully, in the near future, be helping these young entrepenuers to identify markets and sell their products for profit.