Malawi’s 15-year old Permaculture Prodigy (April 2011)

Jacob Jumpha is 15-years old and in Standard Seven.  Yet despite his young age he has managed to do more for the sustatinable food security of his village than people who are 3 or 4 times his age!  Jacob lives in a village called Chalira and he is the son of Chief Chalira.  He began to have interest in Permaculture after observing the activities that were

Jacob (left) explaining his permaculture to other boys

taking place around Luwayo Biswick’s (Never Ending Food’s Permaculutre Manager) house.  Without any formal training or even any design guidance he set about transforming his family’s house and land.  The results are fantastic!  Visit Jacob’s page for more info on his permaculture implementation activities by clicking here.

If you would be interested in helping to sponsor Jacob, or the many other Malawians like him who are interested in learning more about Permaculture but cannot afford the costs of a full Permaculture Design Course (PDC), please visit our ‘sponsorship page’ by clicking here.  We are trying to work hand-in-hand with Nature’s Gift Permaculture Centre to get as many people trained and certified as possible…your assistance in these efforts would be extremely valuable!