Permaculture Ethics (April 2011)

There are three ethics that guide all Permaculture practices: Care for the earth, Care for people, and the sharing of resources.  Lately we, as a planet, don’t seem to be doing very well on any three fronts.  As our harmful practices have spun out of control we have begun to see a great deal of thinking that just doesn’t make any sense at all.  We just saw a documentary on ‘geological fracturing’ or “fracking” that describes that processes that are being used for the extraction of natural gas; a process that forces a devastating cocktail of chemicals deep into the earth’s crust to ‘fracture’ the earth and causes the natural gas to be released.  It is now being discovered that these chemicals are seeping into groundwater supplies causing contaminated drinking water sources, contaminated river systems, as well as human and animal illnesses.  Is this really surprising?  Who would ever imagine that we wouldn’t cause a great deal of contamination and devastation using a process such as this?  The amazing thing is, however, that the US government has exempted these companies and their dangerous practices from almost all of environmental regulations.  Now there is a multi-million dollar campaign to promote natural gas as the new “clean energy”.

Little Dolphin Illuminated Pictures for Baby

We also don’t seem to be caring much for each other as fellow human beings.   A quick look at today’s headlines reveals numerous wars being fought throughout the world, human rights abuses, election rigging, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and even a story about a kindergarten student in Housten, Texas who brought a gun to school and injured three people.  Are we teaching these behaviors or are we working to teach ethical behavior that will lead us towards a better future?  Take a look at the following imported poster that we found for sale in a local shop here in Malawi and decide for yourself…