Permaculture Open Day!

On May 3rd, Never Ending Food will be hosting an open day in celebration of International Permaculture Day.  In recognition of the United Nation’s ‘International Year of the Soil’, many of the activities, demonstrations, and education at the open day will be focused on restoring the health of Malawi’s soils.  There will be demonstrations on compost making, liquid manures, integrated pest management, worm farms, composting toilets, intercropping, and ecological diversification.  People will also be able to learn more about the use of Permaculture guilds, zones, water harvesting, solar drying, and more.  There will be crafts for sale, a playground for kids, tours, hands-on activities, and many opportunities to gain practical advice about the use of Permaculture.  If you are in Malawi on May 3rd, please come and join us!

Permaculture Day Flyer 1