Podcast on the Role of Meat in a Sustainable Food System

Stacia Nordin, co-founder of Never Ending Food, recently participated in a podcast presented by Voices, part of an online toolkit aimed at supporting sustainability in nutrition.  Voices is supported by the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations (ICDA), and this series of podcasts shares stories of the nutrition and dietetic practitioners from around the world who are working to deepen connections between people and food systems and educate tomorrow’s dietitians for the realities they will face.

In this episode on the role of meat in sustainable food systems,  two dietitians share their knowledge and experiences from the country where they currently live and work.  The first is Sonja Schonberg, who has a Masters in Food, Nutrition and Health and currently is a teacher and researcher at Bern University in Switzerland.  The second is Stacia Nordin, a Registered Dietitian who lives and works in Malawi and shares about her family’s Permaculture Home, Never Ending Food.
Stacia’s segment starts at minute 19:00; to listen to the podcast, click on the link here.
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